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Business Life Insurance

Have you done everything you can to help protect your employees?

At Valenzano Insurance Services, our Insurance Professionals can help protect employers and employees alike against financial loss associated with disability or death, dental and vision, and can help employers and key employees with business continuation, retirement and special bonus plans. There are a multitude of business insurance planning options available to cover employers and employees.

Common Business Insurance Plans
Key Person Life Insurance
Qualified Retirement
Entity Stock Redemption
Group Term Life Insurance
Cross Purchase Buyout
Group Carve-out Life Insurance
Disability Buyout
Payroll Budget Life Insurance
Section 162 Bonus
Salary Continuation
Split Dollar / Reverse Split Dollar
Deferred Compensation

Business Insurance is extremely important; our life insurance specialists will review your current coverage to ensure every need has been addressed. These services are available at no charge to you.

To find out more about the Business Life Insurance plans Valenzano Insurance Services offers, click on the following link to request more infomration.


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